We arrived in Melbourne more than a decade ago, bringing with us an abundance of treasured family recipes and the Vietnamese way of eating, communally and with love.

Australia introduced us to a new culinary scene with “foreign” ingredients and techniques that we have enjoyed incorporating into our own style of cooking. We love that around every corner there is always something new to discover and learn about food, which makes our passion for cooking even more exciting and tasty!

We started Rice Kitchen because we want to take other home cooks, like you, on our journey and to share our love of Asian flavours. We also want to be your best friend in the kitchen to help take the pressure out of preparing and cooking dinner parties.

We know how time consuming and difficult it can be to put together a menu, source ingredients and prepare everything from scratch, so with our simple Feast Box menus, we take the hard work out of it so you can spend more time having fun with your family and friends.

Lili & Anh
Rice Kitchen Founders

Vision To make people feel comfortable to cook in their own kitchen and bring together family & friends.

Mission To provide a DIY dinner party in a box delivered to your door to make entertaining easy.

Our values

FAMILY Taking time to spend with your family and eating a meal together. Honouring meal and family time. Focus on home-style cooking.
TIME Valuing customers time and time spent together.
GENEROSITY Having a generous spirit. Being generous in your home, with your food and hospitality.
BEING MINDFUL & GRATEFUL Enjoying the present moment and being mindful of who you are cooking for and the energy and love you are putting in your food. Being grateful for incredible produce, for having close family and friends, for yummy food.
FUN We think food is fun and we want to put the fun back into food, cooking and hosting a dinner party.



Lili Tu – The Chef, Photographer & GM

Biggest accomplishment in kitchen: Won the Feast Magazine’s competition for the best chocolate recipe. My Triple Chocolate Pomegranate Tart was featured on October issue in 2012. For a self-taught baker who only started to bake in her late 20s, it was a big milestone. I came up with the recipe of a chocolate tart with a hidden layer of pomegranate jelly and chocolate ganache infused pomegranate molasses because I love dark chocolate and pomegranate is my daughter's favourite. The tart is dedicated to our love for good food.

Current fave cookbook: Organum by Peter Gilmore. It is more than a cookbook. It is a work of art. I love to read about the growers, producers, harvesters in his book, and specially his food philosophy – the four elements of nature, texture, intensity, purity. Passion is evident.



Anh Nguyen - Creative & Community Engagement

Current fav cookbook: Too many to name. But I am really loving At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen by Amy Chaplin. She makes wholefood accessible and beautiful, inspiring me to make more Asian inspired wholefood meals at home.

Where to eat in Melbourne for lunch? Shandong Mama has the best boiled fish dumplings. My hubby and I regularly have our lunch date there!

Past time: reading cookbooks of all kinds. I am obsessed!


Ha Nguyen - Operations Manager

Last night dinner: Tapilia in tomato sauce with dill. It’s a Northern Vietnam dish, very easy to cook and going well with any steamed veggie to make a light and healthy dinner.

Favourite cuisines: Vietnamese (because I’m Vietnamese), Japanese (for its delicacy), Italian (for its generosity)

Pastime: reading books (no crime or biography), wandering around Victoria and taking photo, organising big parties for my friends.

Biggest accomplishment in kitchen: hosting the Christmas in July 2016 party for 21 adults and 12 kids with 2 appertizers, 2 mains, 3 desserts and no burned dish.



Kaz Huynh - Sous Chef

Favourite cuisine: To be honest, I do not have a specific one, but to say it out loud, it could be Japanese. It is not always about the food, it is also about the culture, the passion, and the way people showing their respect to the food. For all of that matter, it makes me so curious and keeps wondering all the time.

Big accomplishment to now: I have finally figured out what I could do to make my future way easier and better. It took me awhile to realise and to determine that career path. It is not very easy at first, but since I have been through a hard time in the past 5 years, I know that I cannot waste my precious time any longer. It is the right time for me to go, experience and pursuit my passion for the food and the diversity of different cuisines around the world.


Lucas Do - Kitchen Supervisor

Favourite cuisine: I have a certain fondness for South-East Asian foods, especially Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. I am constantly amazed with how the dishes could taste so good with very much ordinary ingredients, the techniques that go into those recipes are often family’s secrets.

Pastime: My wife and I enjoy exploring different things together – new local café, restaurants, or watch old and new movies together. Also, playing sports and staying fit is my stress reliever.